Sentence Equivalence

In: Verbal part of the test.
Other common name is Sentence Enhancement

Sentence Equivalence questions test the ability to reach a conclusion about how a passage should be completed on the basis of partial information, but to a greater extent they focus on the meaning of the completed whole. Sentence Equivalence questions consist of a single sentence with just one blank, and they ask you to find two choices that lead to a complete, coherent sentence while producing sentences that mean the same thing.

Question Structure

1. Consists of:
  • a single sentence
  • one blank
  • six answer choices
2. Requires you to select two of the answer choices; no credit for partially correct answers.

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Sentence Equivalence Directions

Select the two answer choices that, when used to complete the sentence, fit the meaning of the sentence as a whole and produce completed sentences that are alike in meaning.
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Sentence Equivalence Practice Question No. 1 of 1

Jones and Smith declined to invest in the start-up and had little cause to ____ their decision until many years later when the company they had spurned suddenly became the flavor of the day. Question Direction
Select two answer choices each of which can be used to complete the sentence in a logical manner, and both of which produce sentences with closely similar meanings.

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  1. change
  2. eschew
  3. defer
  4. rue
  5. regret

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