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We’ve all heard the term, “Flipping the classroom.” In this model, professors deliver lectures and assignments before class. That way, classroom time can be devoted to discussion, hands-on learning, group projects, and remediation. By exposing students to concepts early, instructor can use class time to zero in on where students need help. With instructor acting as guides, students benefit by receiving greater personal attention and becoming more active participants in their learning.

Student's Discussion

Our Classroom Course provides the most complete preparation and most realistic test practice, giving you the skills and confidence you need for your test day. After all class lectures and work, as the instructor becomes satisfied. He assingns assignment to students to come at the whiteboard and solve the problem and discuss with the class.
GAT Analytical Reasoning - Student on Board Discussion
All Participants in this discussion are students of GAT Class.

What Teacher Observes?

Whwn the student solve the question on the board infront of the class, the teacher oberves his/her method and application of logic presented in the question.

What Student Gains?

In this discussion, the student faces the objections by the other class participants. He/She not only gains confidence but also learn no methods shared by other participants.

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