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College of Admission Tests

College of Admission Tests is Pakistan's premier Test Prep institute located at Multan. CAT established in 1990, offers exceptional test prep classroom and online courses with a transformative educational experience, blending traditional and innovative techniques at each plateform. Initially, CAT started its operations of test preparatory classes in Multan.

Why CAT?   CAT Classroom
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Test Preparation

Test Prep courses help students improve their test-taking potential to maximize test results. Students acquires important strategies, expectations, and content information about the test.

Through College of Admission Tests’ Test Prep classroom cources, specialized instructors and exposure to actual exams can help prepare students to approach their required examinations with confidence.

Test Preparation

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Online Test Preparation

To make effective and easy test preparation accessable to those who cannot reach College of Admission Tests' classroom packages, Online Test Preparation is available. Professionally designed Online lectures in video and written format. Highly focus to the need s of the prospect test taker to achieve high score. Core features includes flexible time management and repetition of lectures if needed.

Online Test Prep

CAT Students and Test Preparation

CAT Test Prep courses are designed to help you achieve long-term career goals. We provide an effective methodolgy based on individualized guidance and help to each student. Our teachers and other staff members are highly specialized to help students achieve their goals.

Feedback and Class Progress

Evaluation tests and class quizes help teacher to make required changes in the class progress. Our courses are flexible so that we are able to modify them based on student individual needs.

Excellence in Test Preparation

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Contact Details

College of Admission Tests,

Opp MEPCO Offices, Khanewal Road, Multan, Pakistan

Phone: 03326077771, 0614550698