Text Completion

In: Verbal part of the test.
Other common name is Paragraph Fiil in the Blanks

Skilled readers do not simply absorb the information presented on the page; instead, they maintain a constant attitude of interpretation and evaluation, reasoning from what they have read so far to create a picture of the whole and revising that picture as they go. Text Completion questions test this ability by omitting crucial words from short passages and asking the test taker to use the remaining information in the passage as a basis for selecting words or short phrases to fill the blanks and create a coherent, meaningful whole.

Question Structure

  • Passage composed of one to five sentences
  • One to three blanks
  • Three answer choices per blank (five answer choices in the case of a single blank) 
  • The answer choices for different blanks function independently; i.e., selecting one answer choice for one blank does not affect what answer choices you can select for another blank
  • Single correct answer, consisting of one choice for each blank; no credit for partially correct answers

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Text Completion Directions

For each blank select one entry from the corresponding column of choices. Fill all blanks in the way that best completes the text.
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Text Completion Practice Question No. 1 of 1

There are some people who think that only the poor and less educated people use slang, but this idea is

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  1. accurate
  2. popular
  3. erroneous
  4. widespread
  5. ineffectual

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