Integrated Reasoning

In: Logical Reasoning part of the test.
Other common name is Graph and Table Questions

Today’s business world is rich in data. To succeed, you’ll need to analyze information from a variety of sources, and develop strategies and make decisions based on that information. Integrated reasoning is designed to measure your ability to evaluate information presented in multiple formats from multiple sources – skills you already use, and skills you need to succeed in our data-rich world.

Graphics Interpretation:

Interpret the graph or graphical image and select the option from a drop-down list to make the answer statements accurate.

Table Analysis:

Sort the table to organize the data so you can determine whether certain conditions are met. Each question will have statements with opposing answers (e.g., yes/no, true/false, inferable/not inferable); select one answer for each statement.

Multi-Source Reasoning:

Click on the page to reveal different data and discern which data you need to answer the question.

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Integrated Reasoning Directions

All question formats require multiple responses. Questions are designed to measure how well you integrate data to solve complex problems, so you must answer all parts of a single question correctly to receive credit.

Integrated Reasoning Practice Question No. 1 of 1

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