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Passage 1

We?'ve all been through Biology class, so we?re familiar with Punic squares and the likelihood that two brown-eyed parents will have brown-eyed children. And we also know that genetics has something to do with our hair color, height, and build. But what about our personality? Nature vs. nurture is an age-old controversy. It is one argument that has yet to be won, and theories abound. One thing is clear, however: there is definitely more to it than nature. A family with multiple children makes this obvious because each child has his or her own distinct personality. Rarely is there a family, even one with twins, where each child exhibits identical personality traits to that of his siblings; rather, each child develops his own personality through nurture. Anyone who has a mother, a father, or a sibling can attest to the fact that there is a lot more to it than nature.

Passage 2

Whether a person is shy or extroverted, conservative or adventurous, that person inherited these traits from his parents. Although personality is not completely dependent upon genetics, heredity lays the foundation for a person?s personality traits and tendencies. After the foundation has been laid, nurture then steps in and works to develop what nature has presented. For example, through nurture a shy person can learn to become more outgoing; however, this manifestation of personality will never be completely natural for this person because extroversion is not the foundation nature built for him. Equally, a child who does not seem to have natural musical talent may, through nurture, learn to play the piano; however, he will likely have to work twice as hard to become musically fluent as another child who is an inherently talented musician. Clearly, nature and nurture both play a very important role in the development of personality, but it is nature that initially forms a personality, and it is nature that ultimately shines through no matter how much nurturing takes place.

Which of the following would weaken the argument presented by the author in Passage 1?

  1. A mother and daughter who exhibit some of the same personality traits.
  2. An adopted child who exhibits many of the same personality traits as his adopted parents.
  3. Two brothers: one is an introvert, and one is an extrovert.
  4. Twins separated at birth who exhibit many of the same personality traits.
  5. A mother and daughter who have different personality traits.

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