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In: Critical Reading part of the test.
Other common name is Reading Comprehension

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Acting, like much writing, is probably a compensation for and release from the strain of some profound maladjustment of the psyche. The actor lives most intensely by proxy. He has to be somebody else to be himself. But it is all done openly and for our delight. The dangerous man, the enemy of non-attachment or any other wise way of life, is the born actor who has never found his way into the Theater, who never uses a stage door, who does not take a call and then wipe the paint off his face. It is the intrusion of this temperament into political life, in which at this day it most emphatically does not belong, that works half the mischief in the world. In every country you may see them rise, the actors who will not use the Theater, and always they bring down disaster from the angry gods who like to see mountebanks in their proper place.
Question The meaning of “maladjustment” (line 2) is a

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  1. replacement of one thing for another
  2. profitable experience in business
  3. consideration for the feelings of others
  4. disregard of advice offered by other
  5. poor relationship with one’s environment
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